Thursday, July 15, 2021

MSc thesis work: Exploring nanostructured hydrophobic antireflection coatings with a commercial twist


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MSc thesis work: Exploring nanostructured hydrophobic antireflection coatings with a commercial twist

We are looking for a Msc student to help in manufacturing different prototype coatings and support in research and characterization of coatings for future commercialization in mind. Coating applications vary from optical components and systems to biomedical applications utilizing the superhydrophobicity of the surface. For a MSc thesis work there are many possible topics here.

Team and technology
We are a 3 person team pursuing the commercialization of superhydrophobic antireflection coatings based on nanostructured aluminium oxide. Current applications of the film range from broadband and omnidirectional optical antireflection coatings to biomedical coatings.The coating technology has been developed by the team, see link for details Supervising professor for the MSc thesis will be professor Harri Lipsanen from the Nanoscience and Advanced Materials Group.  

Your background
Knowledge of optics/optical coatings or biomedical coatings, and experience in working in a clean room environment are the core of the job so experience/knowledge in these is very helpfull. Fluent English is a mandatory skill.

The following skills or knowledges are also beneficial:

  • Experience in microfabrication techniques
  • Cell biology and cell growth
  • Knowledge of atomic layer deposition
  • High-school inorganic chemistry or better is an asset
  • Electromagnetics and solid state physics are both beneficial
  • Entreprenurial attitude as the project revolves around commercialization
  • Interest in science

Salary and contract
This position will be filled up to six (6) months. The salary follows the standard salary level of MSc thesis worker at the School of Electrical Engineering. We prefer that the work starts 1.7.2021 but this is flexible, however the project will end by January 1, 2022.

Students studying for a master’s degree can apply for the position of a MSc thesis worker. A graduated applicant could be hired as a fixed-term project worker for this specific commerzialization project.

How to apply
Please submit your application through our recruiting system and include the following documents as a single pdf package in English:
•    Course transcripts of master’s study
•    Curriculum Vitae
Deadline for applications is August 2, 2021 but we will start reviewing candidates immediately upon receiving new application documents.

More Information
For additional information, please contact D.Sc. Christoffer Kauppinen, christoffer.kauppinen(at)


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