Saturday, October 23, 2021

Teaching Assistants: Chemical Engineering


Please note that given the resumption of most in-person teaching activities in the Fall, Teaching Assistants will be required on campus to perform their tasks in person.  Should government restrictions prohibit the resumption of in-person teaching activities, courses will revert to remote teaching. In the event of such a change, Teaching Assistants will be advised as soon as possible.  Teaching Assistants may be required to perform tasks suited to a remote/online teaching environment using a virtual learning platform [e.g., Zoom, WebEx] and the McGill myCourses learning management system.

Hiring Unit:
Department of Chemical Engineering

Duration of each position:

1-Jan-2022 to 30-Apr-2022

Rate per hour: $32.38

Course Title, Course Number and number of positions and hours:
Chemical Engineering Principles II (CHEE204) // 3 x 100 hrs

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (CHEE220) // 4 x 100 hrs

Resource Recovery from Waste (CHEE301) // 1 x 50 hrs

Physical Chemistry for Engineers (CHEE310) // 3 x 100 hrs & 1 x 50 hrs

Heat and Mass Transfer (CHEE315) // 3 x 100 hrs

Separation Processes (CHEE351) // 3 x 100 hrs

Energy Systems Engineering (CHEE401) // 2 x 100 hrs

Process Modelling (CHEE440) // 3 x 100 hrs

Biochemical Engineering (CHEE474) // 3 x 100 hrs & 1 x 50 hrs

Materials Engineering (CHEE484)// 3 x 100 hrs

Instrumentation & Measurement II (CHEE491) // 6 x 100 hrs

Catalysis for Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals (CHEE511) // 1 x 50 hrs

Stem Cell Bioprocess Engineering (CHEE512) // 1 x 50 hrs

Polymer Science and Engineering (CHEE582) // 1 x 50 hrs

Chemical Processing: Electronics Industry (CHEE587) // 1 x 50 hrs

Foundations of Fluid Mechanics (CHEE631) // 1 x 50 hrs

Laboratory Safety 2 (CHEE682) // 1 x 50 hrs

Research Skills and Ethics (CHEE687) // 1 x 50 hrs

Complete Course descriptions and Lecturers may be found here:

UG Courses | Chemical Engineering - McGill University

Graduate Courses | Chemical Engineering - McGill University

Position Summary:
Teaching Assistant position as governed by the AGSEM Collective Agreement.

For all courses:

  • having been a TA for the course previously, is a plus
  • chemical engineering degree

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (CHEE200), Physical Chemistry for Engineers (CHEE 310), Heat and Mass Transfer (CHEE315), Instrumentation & Measurement II (CHEE491):

  • WHMIS certification

Laboratory Safety 2 (CHEE682):

  • WHMIS certification. Biosafety, waste management, myLab and BSC certifications are additional desired credentials.

***** HOW TO APPLY *****

Please apply through Workday, providing the necessary documents and info as per AGSEM Collective Agreement article 12.02.

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