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Professor in Psychology with a focus on neuropsychology

 The Department of Psychology is recruiting for a full-time position as professor in Psychology with a focus on neuropsychology. Neuropsychology refers to cognitive neuroscience, biological psychology and clinical neuropsychology.

The Department of Psychology is a dynamic research and teaching environment in several areas.

The department conducts successful interdisciplinary research in cognitive neuropsychology with ongoing collaborations across faculty boundaries, with the county council and with other universities within and outside Sweden. Within the framework of this research environment, there are good conditions for new collaborations. The department offers several educational programs with elements of neuropsychology. Further information about the activities conducted at the department can be obtained via our website:


The tasks as a professor in psychology with a focus on neuropsychology include conducting research, teaching, supervision and collaboration with the surrounding society. The tasks also include leading, developing and strengthening research in the relevant area, including initiating research projects and actively working for external funding of the department's research. It also includes staying informed about developments in the subject area in general, as well as creating contacts with other higher education institutions, departments and actors outside the university.

A professor is expected to participate actively in the department's activities, among other things through strategic work for the development of teaching, in particular through doctoral student supervision and in advanced courses. Furthermore, the employee is expected to further develop the local, national and international research that is ongoing at the department and generally contribute to strengthening and developing the department's research environment.

The employment includes department-funded time for research and development of the research environment (strengthened during the first year). The remaining part of the employment consists of teaching at undergraduate and advanced level as well as postgraduate education. The applicant must be prepared to take on administrative tasks if necessary.


To be eligible for employment as a professor, an applicant must have displayed both scientific and educational expertise in accordance with Chapter 4, Section 3 of the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance and the Appointments procedure for teachers at Umeå University, within the subject of psycology or equivalent.

Eligibility criteria

As a basis for assessment when hiring a professor, the degree of such skill that is a requirement for eligibility for employment shall apply. In addition, the basis for assessment is administrative skills and the ability to work together.

Scientific skill refers to independent research efforts, ability to plan and lead research and scientific activities, ability to communicate research with the surrounding society, ability to obtain research funding in competition with other researchers, documented national and international research collaboration and publication. Scientific skill is also demonstrated through leadership in research projects and successful supervision.

Pedagogical skills refer to documented experience of planning, implementation, examination and evaluation of teaching, a reflective approach to students' learning and their own teacher role as well as contributions to the pedagogical development of the business. Pedagogical skills also refer to participation in postgraduate education activities, such as doctoral student supervision and participation in the design and implementation of courses and seminars at all levels.

Administrative skills mean the ability to develop and lead operations and staff, the ability to collaborate with the surrounding community and to inform about research and development work. Ability to collaborate refers, among other things, to formulating, planning and leading and participating in projects that include several people, as well as participation in both research-joint and other department-joint activities.The recruitment process may include giving a sample lecture, interviews and reference checks. 

Weighting of assessment criteria

When balancing between the different assessment criteria, scientific skill is given special weight. Great emphasis must also be placed on pedagogical skills. In addition, the degree of skill to develop and lead operations and personnel, ability to collaborate with the surrounding society and to inform about research and development work must apply.

When assessing scientific skill, special emphasis is placed on breadth and depth in research, originality in research and productivity. The ability to obtain external funding and the management of research projects are given great importance.

When assessing the pedagogical skills, consideration will be given to the planning, implementation and evaluation of teaching, as well as supervision and examination. In this connection, special emphasis will also be placed on knowledge of commissioned education and training at the advanced level.

When assessing administrative skills and leadership, emphasis is placed on skills to lead and develop activities and staff, experience of positions of trust at department, faculty or university level, etc., and through generally well-documented ability to collaborate both nationally and internationally. Great emphasis is placed on the ability to collaborate, initiative and commitment to the business.


Instructions for the application and a list of the documents to be attached to the application can be found here:

Qualification requirements and assessment criteria can be found in the appointments procedure for teachers at Umea University, here:

Applications should be made via e-recruitment system Varbi by 31 August 2022.

We look forward to receiving your application!


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