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2 PhD position in Medical Sciences with a research profile in radiation physics

  The Department of Radiation Sciences is, in terms of research, a dynamic and internationally successful environment in radiology, oncology, cognitive neuroscience, radiation physics and bio-medical engineering. The department belongs to the Faculty of Medicine at Umeå University. The Department of Radiation Sciences welcome applications for a Phd-student position. The position is for five years full-time, starting 2022-10-01 or by agreement. 20% of the work will be teaching or other activities. You who are admitted to doctoral studies will be enrolled in the faculty-wide doctoral education programme at the Faculty of Medicine. The doctoral programme comprises 25 credits and is offered in two study variants: 25 credits spread over 8 terms (a total of 4 years) or over 12 terms (a total of 6 years), starting each autumn and spring semester. More information about the programme can be found on the faculty’s web page for doctoral studies (

PhD student position in computational science

  We are looking for a doctoral candidate with a particular interest in chemicals, the environment and human health. Our specific task is to develop artificial intelligence based models including text mining to identify chemicals of concern and predict toxic effects. Application deadline is August 26, 2022. Project description The doctoral position is linked to the research project; “The European Partnership for Chemical Risk Assessment (PARC)": . The project involves several research fields including statistical modeling, machine learning, text mining, computational science, toxicology, epidemiology and environmental chemistry. Our part of the projects is primarily to develop computer-driven tools e.g. via machine learning, traditional statistical methods, and text mining, that allow for identifying new chemicals and predicting their effects. Big data will be generated in the projects where we a

PhD position in Energy Technology – Solar thermal energy production

  We are recruiting a PhD student in Energy Technology with a focus on solar thermal energy production at Umeå university Starting date is negotiable but we expect that the PhD student can join the group sometime between September and November 2022.   The closing date for the application is August 26th 2022. Project Description Solar energy is an important renewable energy resource that can be used for different thermal applications such as space and water heating in residential buildings. To integrate solar energy in district heating systems (DHSs) medium-high temperatures are needed that could be achieved with a concentrating solar thermal collector even in high latitude regions such as the Nordic countries. Such integration could contribute to decarbonizing our society by replacing biomass- and fossil-based energy resources in the Swedish DHS and to enhance energy security. The scope of this call for new PhD students is to use system approach to investigate the environmental effects

PhD student for our Intelligent-Human-Building Interactions lab (IHBI)

  We are recruiting a PhD student to study occupant-centric energy retrofitting. The successful applicant will participate in research activities in the Intelligent Human-Buildings Interactions (IHBI) lab at Umeå University. The start date of successful candidate is up for negotiation, but we expect the new PhD student could join the group between September and November, 2022. Application deadline is   August 29, 2022 . Project description The energy retrofitting measures alone do not guarantee energy saving in buildings, as the energy-related occupant behaviors have a considerable impact on actual energy performance. There is growing evidence that occupant-centric energy retrofitting can achieve significant energy savings. The purpose of the project is to investigate how occupant-centric energy retrofitting should be developed considering the occupant’s behaviors interacted with energy retrofitting measures. The PhD student will perform a series of experiments at the IHBI lab, in orde

Ph.D. Student Position in medical science, pediatrics

  The Department of Clinical Sciences now call for an application for a 4-year full-time doctoral position in medical science in pediatrics within the project   The association between psychotropic drug treatment and adverse cardiac events in children and young adults . Successful candidates will work towards a Ph.D. and will be included in the postgraduate Ph.D. program of 25 credits at the Faculty of Medicine. More information can be found on the faculty's website for postgraduate education ( The doctoral student will be located in Umeå at the Department of Epidemiology and Global Health. Project description The aim of this current project is to assess risk for adverse cardiac events associated with psychotropic drug treatment using national registers and epidemiological research methods.  Results from these studies will fill a knowledge gap regarding psychotropi

PhD student in mathematical statistics within the WASP AI programme

  The Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics is opening a PhD position in mathematical statistics, focusing on geometric deep learning. The position is for four years of doctoral studies, including participation in research and postgraduate courses. The last day to apply is September 19, 2022. Project description and tasks Machine learning, especially deep neural networks, has, during the early 21st century, had an immense impact on both research and society at large. This rapid development has made great progress possible and caused significant challenges. A subfield within machine learning is so-called geometric deep learning. This concept can mean many things, but at its core, the field is dealing with situations in which the in-data is of non-standard type. One can, for instance, consider 3D models, point clouds, or spherical images. To deal with such data poses special requirements on the network architectures. One of the more interesting questions is the one of so-

PhD position (m/f/d) – Ion source development

  The Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften - ISAS - e. V. is a research institute dedicated to the development and improvement of analytical methods and tools for health research and related fields. The ISAS is a member of the Leibniz Association and is publicly funded by the Federal Republic of Germany and its federal states. In the group Lipidomics in the department Bioanalytics at our location in Dortmund we invite applications for a PhD position (m/f/d) – Ion source development You will be responsible for Improving the lateral resolution and sensitivity of MALDI mass spectrometry imaging by implementing other laser wavelength or post-ionization schemes for atmospheric MALDI mass spectrometry imaging of lipids. Sample preparation for cell, body fluids and tissues for MALDI MS imaging. Planning, building and testing novel MSI source concepts to improve the coverage of lipid classes and improve their lateral resolution. Comparing existing MALDI and AP-MALDI MSI sources in t