Research assistant to nanoplastics-research project (Master thesis project)


The Biodiversity Unit is looking for a research assistant to develop methods to find nanosized plastic trash from water samples. University of Turku already has a strong tradition in measuring the amounts and type of microplastic from our waters. Now we are expanding our skills to go even smaller: from microplastics down to nanoplastics. You can watch a video from our research here (in Finnish only)

The selected person will work in a project where we test different methods to extract nanoplastics from water samples, and then identify and quantify them. The identification and quantification are done using Raman and/or electron microscope. The final tasks will be matched with the applicant’s skills and preferences. Research assistant´s tasks are required to be connected to a master's thesis work.

We are looking for a person who would be interested in the topic and who would have passed suitable studies that give enough background for the task (for example studies from materials chemistry or materials physics). In addition, the applicant should have good collaboration and communication skills because the work will be performed in cooperation with the Biodiversity Unit, the applicant’s department, and with the Department of Geography and geology. The supervisors from the Biodiversity Unit will be doctoral researcher Arto Hiltunen and professor Jari Hänninen. The third supervisor will be from the applicant’s department.

The employment period will be 6 months and starts as agreed in April or May and the salary is 2003,07€/month. There is a trial period of one month.

The application should be submitted no later than Monday 28.3.2022 (23:59) at the University's electronic recruitment system at  A link to the application form can be found at the beginning of this notice (‘Apply for the job’).

The application should be accompanied by a CV, degree certificate or/and study transcript, and a motivation letter.

The University is committed to promoting non-discrimination, equality and diversity in our community. All interested applicants, regardless of their background, are encouraged to apply.

For further information on the position, please contact arto.hiltunen(at)


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