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PhD student (Doctoral Researcher) to join her laboratory for a fixed-term position on a project “Pregnancy, delivery and streptococci” funded by the Academy of Finland.

  Docent, University Teacher Kirsi Gröndahl-Yli-Hannuksela is looking for a PhD student (Doctoral Researcher) to join her laboratory for a fixed-term position on a project “ Pregnancy, delivery and streptococci ” funded by the Academy of Finland. Research group has an ongoing clinical study in collaboration with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Turku University Hospital. The project aims to understand the prevalence of asymptomatic carriage of beta haemolytic streptococci during pregnancy. In addition, the association of streptococcal carriage with possible complications of the mother or the newborn is investigated. For additional information about the project, please visit  Kirsi Gröndahl-Yli-Hannuksela | University of Turku ( Doctoral Researcher will be working in this project at the  Institute of Biomedicine . Position includes laboratory research on the fields of microbiology and molecular biology (such as analysing the clinical study samples, bacterial identifi

Project researcher/Postdoctoral researcher in single cell data analytics

  We are seeking an expert in data analytics and bioinformatics to join our core facility teams at Single cell Omics Facility and Turku Medical Bioinformatics Centre (MBC). Together we strive to support high-quality research at academic and industrial sector by enabling services for the emerging fields of single-cell and spatially resolved gene expression and protein profiling as part of the national Biocenter Finland infrastructure network. Our core facilities are part of   Turku Bioscience Centre   (, jointly hosted by the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University.   We offer a vantage point in the rapidly developing area of single cell technology with an opportunity to develop as a specialist in the field. Our multicultural and multidisciplinary team provides a working community that fosters creativity and diversity. We also are able to offer flexible working hours and a possibility to work partially remotely during the week.   Key responsibilities • Deplo

Professor of Early Childhood Education

  The University of Turku is a world-class multidisciplinary research university which offers interesting challenges and a unique vantage point to national and international research and education. Applications are hereby invited for the post of Professor of Early Childhood Education The post is positioned at the Faculty of Education, Department of Teacher Education in Rauma and may include duties in Turku. The post is permanent. For more detailed information on the application procedure, please see the  Appointment Specification . Applications must be submitted  by Monday 19, September 2022  (23:59 o'clock) through the online application system. The link to the online application system is in the beginning of this Call for Application (”Apply for the job”). You can find the call for applications on the University web-page under  Open Vacancies . Further information concerning the appointment procedure can be obtained from the Head of Administration Ulla Kiviaho, +358 50 339 8126, 

Senior Researcher and Project Researcher/Doctoral Researcher

  Turku Cellular Microbiology Laboratory (TCML) led by Dr Arto Pulliainen is seeking a researcher with a doctoral degree (Senior Researcher) and Project Researcher/Doctoral Researcher. The positions are fixed-term for one year with a possibility of extension. The successful applicants are expected to start on 1 January 2023 at the latest. The project elucidates the molecular functions of bacterial toxins and aims to develop radically new targeted therapeutics to prevent and treat bacterial infections. For additional information, please see TCML Twitter: TCML Website: Positions require thorough knowledge and experience of the key concepts and methods of protein chemistry. TCML values expertise in protein expression, purification and characterization (e.g. IMAC, SEC, IEX, DSF, MALS), mass spectrometry, enzyme kinetic measurements, high throughput drug screening approaches, AlphaScreen, isotherma

Postdoc in Ethical and Inclusive Community Engagement with Technology and Social Innovation

  The Socially-Intelligent Artificial Systems Group (SIAS) currently has a vacant Postdoc researcher position as part of the Horizon Europe funded coordination and support project “CommuniCity: Innovative Solutions Responding to the Needs of Cities & Communities”. The project, which will begin in September 2022 and last through September 2025, seeks to promote the socio-economic and technological engagement of disadvantaged or excluded groups in society through co-creation that is human-centred and community-minded   What are you going to do   You will join the Socially-Intelligent Artificial Systems Group at the Informatics Institute Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam. As part of a team of socially-engaged AI and data science scholars,  you will focus on setting the theoretical foundations for human-centred and community-minded approaches to technology development, adoption, assessment and improvement. You are expected to be the academic lead and liaison between the conso

Postdoctoral Position in Solar Photocatalysis

  Are you exceptionally interested in the development of reactor solutions for solar-driven photochemistry? Are you interested in conversion of CO2 using photocatalysis? And do you like to work in a team of young researchers? We are seeking a Postdoctoral candidate who is interested in interdisciplinary research and likes technological advances in solar photochemistry. This postdoc will focus on advancing our solar reactors based on luminescent solar concentrators. [see for an overview from our group:   DOI: 10.1007/s43630-021-00130-x   ] ”   What are you going to do You are expected: to be active in photocatalysis and its translation to continuous processes of our Flow Chemistry group, publishing in high level international journals, presenting at leading conferences and supervising PhD students; to be working at the interface between organic synthetic chemistry and chemical engineering; to be aiding in the attraction of external funding; to be open to collaborations with other instit

Lecturer in European/East European History

  The capacity group European Studies is looking for a candidate to teach in the   bachelor of European Studies , specifically in the majors of European history and of East European Studies. The candidate can also be asked to teach courses in the European Studies more generally or adjacent programmes such as the bachelor of History. The candidate has expertise in the political history of Europe and/or European integration. Your expertise testifies of a clear transnational perspective on the political history of Europe and/or has a distinct international or global focus. clear transnational perspective on the political history of Europe and/or has a distinct international or global focus.   What are you going to do   You contribute to the further development of education in the broad field of European Studies and specifically European History and Eastern European Studies, and develop new initiatives. You provide inspiring lectures and tutorials. Your teaching duties also include supervi