Master Thesis - Development of a Biohybrid Synapse on Flexible Substrates

 Neural interfaces are electronic devices that interact with the nervous system to capture and control neural activity, aiming in this way to map neural networks, understand the principles behind neurodegenerative diseases, and/or restore sensorimotor functions. One of the main challenges of current neural interfaces is to achieve seamless integration and mimic from a mechanical, electrochemical, and physiological perspective different nervous tissues. To this end, a 6-month master thesis project is proposed for the development of flexible organic neuromorphic devices, mimicking not only synaptic responses and neural plasticity with organic electrochemical transistors (OECTs) but capturing neural activity with microelectrode arrays (MEAs), and integrating such devices into different nervous tissues (e.g.: retina and brain) using tissue-like materials.

Your tasks will include:

  • The fabrication and implementation of joint OECTs and MEAs using flexible and organic polymers
  • The electrical and electrochemical characterization of the biohybrid synapse
  • The set-up of an experimental data acquisition system for transistors and electrode arrays

Your Profile:

  • Bachelor’s degree in biomedical/electrical engineering, biology, physics, or related field
  • Ability to communicate with scientists and technicians from various disciplines
  • Well-structured and systematic research approach
  • Passion for science
  • Advantageous, yet not mandatory, is knowledge in microfabrication technology
  • Interest in the field of Bioelectronics and Neuroscience

Please feel free to apply for the position even if you do not have all the required skills and knowledge. We may be able to teach you missing skills during your induction.

Our Offer:

We work on the very latest issues that impact our society and are offering you the chance to actively help in shaping the change!
We offer ideal conditions for you to complete your master’s degree:

  • A pleasant working environment within a highly motivated and competent working group as well as an international and interdisciplinary team at one of the most prestigious research facilities in Europe
  • You will be supported by outstanding scientific and technical infrastructure as well as closely scientific mentoring
  • Flexible working hours as well as a reasonable remuneration
  • Ideal conditions for gaining practical experience alongside your studies
  • Excellent technical equipment and the newest technology
  • The chance to independently prepare and work on your tasks

Further information on the project is available at:

We welcome applications from people with diverse backgrounds, e.g. in terms of age, gender, disability, sexual orientation / identity, and social, ethnic and religious origin. A diverse and inclusive working environment with equal opportunities in which everyone can realize their potential is important to us.

We look forward to receiving your application. The job will be advertised until the position has been successfully filled. You should therefore submit your application as soon as possible.


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47 Postdoctoral Scholarships at The University of Georgia in United States