PhD Student Position in Quantum Chemistry

PhD Student Position in Quantum Chemistry                      

Quantum Computation and Electronic Structure Analysis

Information About the Department
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is the largest department at Chalmers and covers a large array of research from basic to applied. The fields of interest extend from DNA-research and biomaterials, solar cells and fuels, high temperature corrosion, catalysis, to quantum chemistry predictions of prebiotic chemistry. The Department is heavily committed to teaching at the undergraduate, graduate, as well as postgraduate level in these areas. We have approximately 300 employees, divided into four research and one administrative division. We are situated at campus Johanneberg in the middle of Gothenburg. Our vision is “Through curiosity and knowledge towards a sustainable world”.

Information About the Project
The questions asked in this project lie at the intersection between theoretical chemistry, physics, and quantum information science: How can we best simulate and analyze molecular systems with quantum hardware? How can we use chemical insight to better correct for the detrimental effects of noise in state-of-the-art quantum hardware? This project is part of the Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology (WACQT), a 12-year, billion-SEK initiative with the purpose of advancing Swedish academia and industry to the forefront of quantum technology, and to build a Swedish quantum computer. We currently have a 25 qubit quantum processor available for software experimentation. As a PhD student in this project, you will be closely interacting with postdocs and PhD students in WACQT to use this hardware for simulations of chemical systems.

About the Research Group
The host research group ( is part of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Chalmers. We ask fundamental questions and are interested in chemically realistic in silico design of challenging new materials, origin-of-life chemistry, and the development of methods for analyzing electronic structure. As a member of this group, you will be exposed to a broad range of methodologies, ranging from crystal structure prediction, ab initio calculation of properties, performance, and detection characteristics, as well as quantum computation.

Specific objectives include (1) Develop and test algorithms for error mitigation of quantum chemistry calculations on near term quantum hardware (following previous work) (2) Develop and implement electronic structure (chemical bonding) analyses of molecules on quantum hardware (following previous work) (3) Develop collaborations with experimentalists within WACQT and the European Quantum Technology Flagship project OpenSuperQplus. (4) Actively collaborate with other group members that develop methods for electronic structure analysis.

Major Responsibilities
Your major responsibility as PhD student is to lead and conduct research in collaboration with others. You will be expected to achieve the objectives listed above, while developing your own scientific concepts, your skills, and while contributing with creative ideas.  The position generally also includes teaching on Chalmers' undergraduate level or performing other duties corresponding to up to 20 per cent of working hours.

To qualify as a PhD student, you must have a MSc degree corresponding to at least 240 higher education credits in a relevant field such as theoretical chemistry, physics or equivalent. Good knowledge of quantum mechanics (either quantum chemistry or quantum physic) from an undergraduate education is a requirement, as is programming skills in python. The successful candidate must have good communications skills, both oral and written, in English. Expertise in quantum information science and quantum computation (e.g., using the IBM Qiskit code) and experience of quantum chemical calculations are advantageous. If Swedish is not your native language then you are expected to attend basic courses in Swedish offered by Chalmers during your doctoral training. Self-motivation, attention to detail, and a problem-solving ability are important personal qualities for this position. A curious mindset and a passion for fundamental science is a prerequisite.

We offer
Full-time temporary employment. The position is for at least 4 years with opportunities to extend up to 5 years depending on teaching load. Your starting date is negotiable. We offer a competitive salary and excellent working conditions.

Chalmers offers a cultivating and inspiring working environment in the coastal city of Gothenburg
Read more about working at Chalmers and our benefits for employees.

This could be the perfect start for your career, whether in academic research, in a start-up company that may be formed around your own ideas, or in booming fields like quantum technology.

Chalmers aims to actively improve its gender balance. Equality and diversity are substantial foundations in all activities at Chalmers. We work broadly with equality projects, for example the GENIE Initiative on gender equality for excellence. WACQT is committed to promoting career development, diversity, and gender equality through networking and supporting activities.

Application Procedure

The application should be marked with Ref 20230357. The application should be sent electronically and be attached as pdf-files, as below:

CV: (Please name the document as: CV, Surname, Ref. nr) including:

  • CV, including list of publications resulting from undergraduate research or other activities
    • Other, for example previous employments or leadership qualifications and positions of trust.
  • Two references that we can contact.

Personal Letter: (Please name the document as: Personal letter, Family name, Ref. nr) 1-3 pages where you:
• Introduce yourself.
• Describe your professional interest and future goals.
• Explain why you applied to this position. If you have no prior experience of quantum computation, motivate why you should nonetheless be considered for this position.  

Other Documents:

  • A copy of your MSc thesis, attested copies of completed education, including grades and other certificates.
    Please use the button at the foot of the page to reach the application form. The files may be compressed (zipped).

Application Deadline: August 20, 2023

For Questions, Please Contact:
Martin Rahm, Associate Professor,

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